1. Upon arrival, guests should immediately go to the reception to check-in, bringing with them the identity documents of all people in their party.

2. Pitches must be vacated by 11.00 a.m., otherwise an extra night will be charged.

3.The booking period must be paid in full, even in case of early departure or late arrival. All tariffs exclude potential new council and/or government taxes.

5. The Pitches are allocated by the management and cannot be chosen by the customer. The management can take into consideration guest requests depending on availability and has the right to modify such requests even without notice. Settling more than one equipment in the same pitch is not permitted.

6. Pitch tariffs include one car + tent or caravan + car or camper. Extra car, boat trailer or other trailer will be charged separately.

7. The cash-desk opening hours are from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 o’clock and from 15.00 to 22.00 o’clock.

8. Day visitors are admitted by prior authorisation of the management, provided an identity document. For visits of the duration of more than two hour, the day tariff will be applied. Visitor vehicles must be parked outside the camping. Visiting hours cannot go beyond 22.00 o’clock.

9. Children must be accompanied and supervised by parents at all times, including in the play area. Children must always be looked after by parents who are the only one responsible for their behaviour, even towards third party. The camping owners or any other member of staff are therefore not responsible for them.

10. Pets are allowed only in the pitches and must be kept on a leash. Upon arrival, guests must notify the reception of the presence of pets, which must be in compliance with health standards and have all the required documentations to demonstrate it. Pets are not permitted in the toilets. The owners must accompany their pets outside the camping for their bodily needs and must clean up after them. Free bag dispensers are available for guests in the camping.

11. From 23.00 to 7.00 o’clock guests are kindly asked to be silent and to avoid any loud noise (televisions, radio, stereo, musical instruments, noisy gatherings).

12. The main car gate closes at 23.00 o’clock, while the pedestrian gate is always open.

13. Motor vehicles must proceed at a walking pace within the camping site. We advise cyclists to proceed carefully within the site.

14. Chemical WC must be emptied in the appropriate drains and washed with plenty of water thereafter. They should never be emptied in the fountains or in the toilets or in the water collecting grills.

15. Car washing is not permitted.

16. The recycling waste collection is compulsory and permitted only as will be fully explained at check-in. It must be done very carefully, as a good sorting of the waste facilitates its final disposal. The waste collection area is monitored by CCTV. We kindly ask you to flatten cartons, cans and bottles to reduce their size.

17. Barbecues are permitted, with consideration to people nearby. For obvious security reasons, we strongly advise you to find the location of the closest fire extinguisher before starting, to extinguish the coals at the end and to throw them away in the appropriate waste disposal containers. The management may have to ask guests to extinguish their barbecue, should they receive a complaint or consider it dangerous.

18. Lighting fires is not permitted. Guests are asked to carefully look at the emergency plan displayed in the camping and to identify the location of the fire extinguishers.

19. The water is drinkable everywhere within the site. Guests are asked to use this important resource sensibly.

20. To help the environment we advise to limit the use of detergents, water and energy, to treat the green with consideration, and to use the air conditioning moderately, with windows and doors closed.


We kindly ask our guests to behave well and correctly towards everyone at all times.

The management is always available for any clarification or problem resolution.

Camping Lombardi